FitFlop iQushion Midnight Navy

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These may look like typical flip-flops - but they're engineered with our all-day comfort tech.
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From the top, they look like your typical surfer-girl flip flops. Underneath, they’re engineered with FitFlop's iQushion™ air-foam cushioning, with impact pillows at high pressure areas, for non-stop comfort. Throw a pair in your suitcase and you’ll find yourself wearing them to beach, bar and beyond. Waterproof and slip-resistant.

• On their new ultra-lightweight, ergonomic iQushion midsoles
• average to wide fit
• Biomechanically engineered, these are beautiful, comfortable flip flops
• Soft jelly upper, micro-bubble foam ergonomic footbed
• Seamless built-in arch contour
• Ultra-supple, slip-resistant soles

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